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Flying Monkey Kenley Jeans

Flying Monkey Kenley Jeans

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Experience the rebellious spirit of the 90s with our Flying Monkey Kenley Jeans - a timeless blend of distressed vintage chic and non-stretch denim craftsmanship. Elevate your style with high waisted perfection and a cuffed hemline that exudes confidence

Introducing the Flying Monkey Kenley Jeans, a remarkable piece in the realm of denim fashion. Crafted with meticulous precision, these distressed vintage rigid mom jeans bring to life an aura of nostalgia and style hailing straight from the 90s. Made from non-stretch denim, these jeans offer durability and longevity while providing a distinct fit that accentuates your curves flawlessly. The exquisite distressed details add character and flair, making each pair unique in their own right. With a super high waist design that flatters every body type and a cuffed hemline for added charm, these Kenley Jeans are truly an embodiment of timeless elegance combined with contemporary allure. Unleash your inner fashionista today!

  • Elevate your denim game with the Flying Monkey Kenley Jeans, crafted from non-stretch distressed vintage rigid mom jean fabric for an authentic 90s vintage look
  • Experience ultimate comfort and style in these super high-waisted jeans, designed to accentuate your curves while providing a flattering fit
  • Complete your fashion-forward ensemble with the cuffed hemline of these Flying Monkey Kenley Jeans, effortlessly combining timeless style with modern trends

Distressed vintage rigid mom jean - Non stretch denim, distressed detail, 90's vintage jean, super high wasited, cuffed hemline, mom jean

F. Rise: 11 1/2" / inseam: 27'' / leg opening: 13''

Model is 5' 8'' wearing size 26

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