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Mama Car Charm with Cow Print Bow

Mama Car Charm with Cow Print Bow

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Add a touch of charm to your mamas' car with our Cow Print Bow Car Charm - crafted from sturdy maple wood, hand-stained for a unique look!

Introducing our Mama Car Charm with a playful Cow Print Bow! This charming little accessory is not your run-of-the-mill car charm. It is meticulously crafted from sturdy maple wood and hand-stained to perfection, ensuring its durability and unique rustic look. The adorable cow print bow adds a touch of whimsy that will make heads turn as you cruise down the road. Simply attach it to your rearview mirror using the string provided, and let this delightful charm bring a smile to your face every time you get behind the wheel. So why settle for a basic car charm when you can have one that's as stylish as it is fun? Grab our Mama Car Charm now and add some personality to your ride!

  • Elevate your car's style with the Mama Car Charm, a charming accessory that adds personality and flair to your ride
  • Crafted from sturdy maple wood and hand-stained for a rustic touch, this car charm is built to last
  • The cow print bow adds a playful touch to your car's interior, making it stand out from the crowd
  • Easily attachable with its durable string, this Mama Car Charm is a simple yet effective way to express your individuality on the road

The charm is cut from sturdy 1/4” thick maple wood. We then hand stain, string, bow, and bead each charm.
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